Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hugging In School Must Be Stopped!

Thirteen-year-old, Megan Coulter of Mascoutah Middle School was recently punished with two days detention for giving her friends hugs. According to the student handbook, it states: “Displays of affection should not occur on the school campus at any time. It is in poor taste, reflects poor judgment, and brings discredit to the school and to the persons involved.”

Yes, what has this world come to? Showing love and affection toward friends is certainly unacceptable and inhuman. Hugging friends and family members in public certainly should be considered offensive and would discredit any public education facility and the persons involved. What would the community think if schools started letting friends engage in activities like holding hands or hugging! What a disgrace!

In my opinion, this school policy should be taken a step further; students should be banned from smiling, laughing, joking or showing any display of emotion or affection toward other human beings. Students should walk around the day with absolutely no signs of sensitivity, love, or emotion because that would be more in line with how humans should properly behave. Certainly huggers should serve the same punishment as those students who engage in fighting, teasing, harassing and causing damage to school property. Hugging, fighting—what’s the difference? It’s all just a bunch of offensive, damaging behavior and it must be stopped! Hugging should only occur in the privacy of our own homes under supervised and controlled situations. If schools were to allow such a display of affection, it could only lead to more harmful and offensive behaviors—like kissing and groping. If Mascoutah Middle school allowed hugging, what’s next? Allowing teenagers to have sex in the classroom? It’s about time a school takes action and punishes those who deliberately violate school policy. This eight-grader should have known better. If I were the superintendent, I would have given her a week of detention!

Written in reaction to MSNBC story: Girl, 13, gets detention for hugging two friends
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John said...

December the 17th, 2007

Miss Gritzmacher....,

In keeping with our increasingly endearing and omnipotently politically correct position of forbiding many a child to - heaven forbid - please forgive me, demonstrable affection, I think it only fair to further galvinize your thankfully proper position....

Let's simply cut to the proverbial "chase", as it were.

It were.

Let's separate the child AT BIRTH, from its mother. And father. Relegating "same" to a Owellian atmosphere of predominantly mechanical "caretakers". Where we require the supposed "human" element, let's make certain that all 'contactees' have at least been placed on extensive protocol of lithium, thorozine and Oprah.

However......., NO TELETUBBIES!!!

By the time the societal element, 'affectionately' referred to as "the child" reached the age of five years, the societal unit would be allowed visitational segments of one hour per week with the conceiving units, aka, "the parents". With supervision, of course.

Of course.

Factor in 13 years of extensive training, aka "schooling", replete with gender segregation............., this includes ALL extracurricular activities and you might, you just might be half way toward a new and improved society..... Ready to take their dignified place toward being future conceiving units...... With one hour instruction summary 20 minute execution.