Sunday, August 5, 2007

Awareness to Purchase in Two Minutes

A few months ago, I was checking my gmail and one of those little Adwords above my inbox catches my eye. It says, "Coffee Exposed: A shocking secret coffee co's don't want you to know." Well, I'm a total java nut, so I'm like, "Hmm...what kind of secret? What sort of controversy exists over coffee now?" So, I click. Next, I'm lead to the Coffee Fool home page where I read about 5 paragraphs of kick-ass copy writing. The writer apologizes for speaking the truth about "truly fresh coffee" and promises that once you've tasted "truly fresh coffee", you will never be able to tolerate anything but "truly fresh" ever again. I read the whole page. Then, in the corner of the site, there's a picture of two happy ladies, and below that is a link that says, "Check out what others are saying about Coffee Fool." I'm already impressed with what I've read, but I click again. Brad Davis--some country singer-- wrote a song about how awesome Coffee Fool coffee is. And the song actually sounded pretty good. (Click here to check out the archive link and hear the song.) So...I'm totally convinced I NEED to try this damn coffee. So I order 2.5 lbs of Kenya AA and because it's my first time using Google Checkout, I save $10. The coffee shows up at my door 2 days later. I busted open the box, ground up the beans, and brewed this mysteriously superb coffee. Guess what? It was some of the BEST coffee I ever drank.
My point here, however, lies not in trying to recruit more Coffee Fool drinkers. It's to give kudos to some clever and effective AWESOME Internet marketing. Seriously, how often do you click on a little google ad, let alone buy something when you click through? Almost never, right? But, the creative, entertaining copy writing--that's all it was, folks--led me from awareness to purchase in two minutes. TWO MINUTES! That's huge. Oooh....great marketing makes me feel all happy and giddy inside :)
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Wen Yang said...

Hi! I'd just like to say that the EXACT SAME THING happened to me today. I'm still not sure how Google decided that I like coffee, but I'm suddenly intrigued by the possibility of drinking real fresh coffee.

I was wondering what kind of coffee maker you use? I was about to purchase a drip coffee maker for general use, but all of a sudden, it doesn't seem good enough any more. Any recommendations?

KathyG said...

Hi Wen-
I have a Bunn. I know they're a little expensive, but they're fast and they last forever. Mine cost about $150. To me, it's worth brewing coffee in 3 minutes :)